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Hi Iris,I just finished your book Satan you can’t have my marriage. I loved it! I found out my husband had an affair last year and I decided to stay and work my marriage out. We have done Christian counseling but it doesn’t compare to the advice and the great feeling I got from your book. I’ve never been one to even read books and your book was one I couldn’t put down. Thank you for such inspirational words and everything. I have tried to be the leader in my house but I keep reading where the man is supposed to lead the family spiritually to Christ. But at the end of the day after we have done homework, baths, dinner etc he says he is too tired and there’s not enough time in the day. I tell him to cut the tv off. But he tells me when does he get to relax? Do you have a book that would benefit him to read to change the way he thinks?


I suggest a book my husband wrote: Men of Impact in Times of Crisis” available on my e-store. I also recommend he join a men’s discipleship class in his church. Don’t give up.


Hi Iris. Blessings to you. I just finished reading the book “Satan you cant have my children,” and this book really does help alot. I dont have any children, but we are God’s children, and it will help me out alot when I have children someday in the future. I have been strong in my faith with God for 4 years now, and transitioning does not happen overnight. This new year of 2012 has been a rough start because I wanted to make a committment to the lord, and I wanted to do the right thing by forgiving others, pray,more, and be strong in my faith. The circumstances and difficulties Im going through right now are attacks from satan. With my strength in the lord, and my faith being stronger, I can overcome the odds and move mountains. Your book has taught me alot, that i would like to read it again, and buy it as a gift for others. I thank the lord for the changes I made in my life, and the positive ways the lord. Thank you Iris for the book.

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  1. Hello Dr. Iris!!! I have so greatly enjoyed your book, Satan you Can’t Have My Children. I had not read a book that captivated my attention as much as your book. I like things straight up and this book tells you how to pray for your children and cover them with God’s protection. I have incorporated the prayers in the book with my family during our prayer time. My children and I have our prayer time and I am anxiously waiting on God for results. I am like a kid at the candy store looking and not knowing where to go first with the book. I want to do everything it suggests at once and well we know that God is a God of order. This book is invaluable for that mom who is ready to see God at work in her family. Thank you for taking the time to write it and sharing those things you practiced with your children and grandchildren. Most of all thank you for speaking from the HEART and allowing GOD to do the rest. BLESSINGS!!!!

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