Satan, You Can’t Have My Children Book Comments

Satan you can't have my childrenI’d love to get your feedback on my book!  Please add your comments below. Thank you!

  1. Dr. Iris….I love this book and am incorporating it in our weekly Prayer Group for Moms of kids addicted to drugs; mainly heroin. Heroin has invaded our quaint and charming community like a hurricane, killing many youngsters and destroying families and futures.

    Since 2000 my little grassroots organization Hearts of Hope has been praying in groups for these prodigal kids and seen many miracles occur! Praise be to the Lord. Your book is tailor made for our purposes and I thank you for this easy to read, comprehensive and practical tool. What a great job you did gathering the verses and helping empower broken hearthearted and fearful mothers – reminding them that they do have full authority through Christ our Lord to battle the forces of darkness that have literally invaded their homes. God bless your heart for stepping out in faith and helping build up ours.

    I love how God operates, taking the meekest of His people like moms to bolding come against the powers of this broken world and making a difference through prayer and using the Power the Lord has placed in us on behalf of our beloved kids. We have taken our pain and turned it into our passion!

    Thank you again! Keep up this good work. You have blessed many and helped save lives and souls.

    Do you ever come to the Chicagoland area to speak?

    Most Humbly,
    Lea Minalga, CADC
    Hearts of Hope

    • I pray for my sons all the time – for years. And today, another incident occurred for which I prayed and it didn’t pan out. All I asked of God was to help my son get to a young people’s meeting from our church. A few days ago, he said he’d go. Today – the day of the activity – he’s all depressed and won’t go. Why? Why? Why? I hate to say this, but I feel Satan is winning. I keep praying and yet it stays the same. I hate feeling this way. I want to just “not care.” I want to stop feeling sadness in the pit of my stomach and in my heart, when I see my sons making bad choices and staying away from God. Years ago – in their teens – they were close to God. Now they are far, far away! I’ve been praying for them for years. I need help for me to stop caring because it’s tearing me up. I’ve read all the books, I read my Bible, I weep and plead, but there is little change. I want to stop feeling hurt and disappointed. That’s what I want. Help me.

      • Dear Elizabeth, you’re not alone. There are many parents out there feeling the same way and dealing with the same problems. Many have even greater problems than you. You must stop carrying the burden and turn it over to God. The Word says, “it’s not by power nor by might, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” The Holy Spirit is the one that will deal with your son. Keep loving him unconditionally. Don’t preach to him and when he’s in your presence, be at peace. Don’t be moved by what you see, hear, and know. No matter how long it takes, keep thanking God that one day he will turn his heart totally to God. My husband’s mom did the same thing. She thanked God every day for the salvation of her three drug addicted sons. Many years later, one by one came to the Lord and became responsible. One of them is a minister today of a thriving congregation and just recently his son took over his father’s position. Only God can do miracles. Don’t give up. Lift up your head. Smile. Display joy and believe God. Stop complaining an trust God. Many blessings, Iris Delgado

  2. I love this book…… my mom came across this book yesterday 8/12/11 and got it and called me and told me so i ran out and got me a copy right away… i’m dealing with some stuff with my daughter and was looking for answers in how to fight satan and what he is doing to my child…. God led my mom and me to your book… I also have a 3 1/2 year old son… with a 18 year old and a 3 1/2 year old i needed this book years ago… but God has lead us to this book now…. I read the whole book yesterday and highlighted and took notes …now i feel like i have what i need to break the strongholds that satan has over my daughter and break any strongholds he would be able to place on my son … I’m ready to see God move now that i know how to do it…. I thank God for leading us to your book…. Thanks so much….

  3. “Satan You Can’t Have My Children” is one of the BEST books I’ve read! The cashier at Borders laughed when I checked out but I didn’t care because I knew that God had a blessing instored for me! May God continue to guide and bless you Dr. Iris Delgado!!!! xoxoxxo

  4. I just finished reading your book Satan You Can’t Have My Children. Fabulous. I have been praying scripture prayers for many years but the part about binding and loosing is really powerful. I am a widow and my son is 22 and I am using these tools in your book to pray for Brandon as well as all my friends and family members. My son has been on the streets for four years in CA. I am in Missouri now and praying for my prodigal to come home. I don’t know what else to do but to continue praying like your book says and believe that it works. I just got married and my husband left a week later and now wants an annulment. I haven’t seen him for over two months and have had very little contact with him other than short emails. I have been praying these prayers over him as well but as yet do not have a confirmation as to whether I should stay with him. I failed to see many red flags before we got married. We rushed into this and did not know each other long enough (not more than three weeks) I have repented and asked for forgiveness from my Heavenly father and my husband. So far, my husband is adamant about an annulment. It looks like if I stay with him I will have a miserable life because his beliefs differ so much from mine in the Lord. These trials are heartbreaking and I am sure you have heard many stories like mine. I want to order all your books by you and John and tell everyone about your ministry. We must have victory in these areas. Our families are too precious. My prayers and love go out to you both as you work to further these messages. I long to see victorious miracles in my life and my loved ones so fervently. How long does it take to get resultant victory? I hope and pray soon. Thanks for listening.

  5. Ms Delgado,

    I am only a few pages into your new book but I am bursting at the seams because I feel like I am being liberated from certain bondages already. I just searched out your website and look forward to finishing the book and others you have written. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  6. Hi Iris.
    Blessings to you. I just finished reading the book “Satan you cant have my children,” and this book really does help alot. I dont have any children, but we are God’s children, and it will help me out alot when I have children someday in the future. I have been strong in my faith with God for 4 years now, and transitioning does not happen overnight. This new year of 2012 has been a rough start because I wanted to make a committment to the lord, and I wanted to do the right thing by forgiving others, pray,more, and be strong in my faith. The circumstances and difficulties Im going through right now are attacks from satan. With my strength in the lord, and my faith being stronger, I can overcome the odds and move mountains. Your book has taught me alot, that i would like to read it again, and buy it as a gift for others.
    I thank the lord for the changes I made in my life, and the positive ways the lord.
    Thank you Iris for the book.

  7. I love this book!!!! Everyone should have a copy BEFORE they have children. What a great gift it would be to expecting couples. I can’t even contain all the information in this book. Its a read and reread book. Thank you for making the sacrifices for the Kingdoms future generations. Be blessed!

  8. Dear Dr. Delgado,

    I believe I have read your book just in the nick of time. I believe God lead me to find your book a week ago in Walmart. Our family is going through teenage angst right now. Before I read your book I was proclaiming for Satan to get behind us, but I was missing the vital scripture that you so generously laid out in your book. When I saw the title, I knew this was my missing link.

    Thank you for the weapons of scripture.
    Thank you for reminding me to love unconditionally. I realized that my anger is only fuel.
    Thank you for helping me to realize that this is not about my parenting skills but about an enemy who wants more than anything to tear families a part. Thanks to the tools you have provided in my arsenal, I will become that prayer warrior for my family. This is more than a book; it is a handbook that I will refer back to continuously. I will recommend this book to many.

    Finally, thank you for the courage of this message!

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