Abuse Prevention Begins at Home

Abuse Prevention Begins at HomeThe result of sexual abuse in any degree can create many bad habits and altered thought patterns in the victim.  Immorality in marriage can be traced to some form of abuse, sexual or otherwise.  In a home where abuse is practiced, the entire family suffers even if each member is not a direct victim of the abuse.  The same spirits affect all of the members of that family.

Many wife abusers will tell you that their father abused their mothers.  Many prostitutes will tell you that some family member sexually abused them.  Many fathers who cannot get along with their daughters or sons will tell you that they did not have a good relationship with their father or mother.  Many husbands who do not respect their wives will tell you that their father did not respect their mothers.  Many homosexual men will tell you that they were molested by a family member or another man when they were very young.  The cycle continues, and it is very vicious.

Lust and pornography will destroy marriages and relationships.  The root has to be destroyed, and the person’s mind has to be renewed by the Word of God and by fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  These sins are never committed alone.  Satan is always a participant, and your children and their children re the inheritors of the same sin or sins.

We are constantly being bombarded by sexually explicit images through the airways and all kinds of media and electronic devices.  All these forms of connecting and forming relationships have also opened the door for easy escapism into the readily available world of lust and pornography.  We must engage in spiritual warfare and fervent prayers for our loved ones and stop the desintegration of our families.  I challenge you to step out of the realm of ignorance and into the wonderful realm of God’s wisdom and understanding.  “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32   (Copyright 2012 Satan You Can’t Have My Children, by Iris Delgado, Charisma House)

Abuse prevention begins at home.  Our children need to be taught at an early age what to do when they are approached, fondled, enticed, molested, tricked, and in many cases raped.  They need to know what is the first thing they must do if they experience the danger of abuse in any form.  Does your child aready know what to do?  Knowledge is power.  We must empower our children and adolescents immediately.  Mom, your child needs to have complete trust in you.  Sadly, many parents abuse their children.  God have mercy.

I highly recommend a wonderful and gentle children’s book on child abuse prevention written by my daughter, Kathy Delgado Chatterton – “Don’t Be Scared to Tell.”  Available at: www.dontbescaredtotell.com  or visit the e-store on this website.


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