Affair and Divorce Prevention

Affair and Divorce PreventionPrevention starts with knowledge and action.  Malachi 2:16 Amp

Divorce is now common, accepted, widespread, and happening in unprecedented numbers, affecting beautiful and not-so-beautiful men and women of all faiths and cultures.

What are some of the strongest reasons that drive a married man or woman to have an affair?  This is truly a complex qution, for there could be a myriad of answers.  But I will share with you what I consider some of the top reasons that trigger affairs and eventually a divorce.  All of my observations are based on literal cases of couples I prsonally know through counseling and others I know as acquaintances.

Lack of transparency.  Accuracy, clearness, self-expression, lucidity, simplicity, clarity, exactness, and truth – all these words imply not telling the whole truth.  Transparency needs to begin during courting.  If significant things are hidden, they will eventually come to the light and may disrupt a marriage relationship.  Things such as addictions, abuse, prostitution, an abortion, a child out of wedlock, a felony, a divorce, a common-law marriage, existing debt, or lawsuits are important issues that need to be exposed before a couple enters into the sacred covenant of marriage.

Lack of transparency leads to lack of good communication.  The offender only settles for bad communication such as backbiting, nagging, and arguments.

Copyright material by Charisma House 2012 – Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage, by Iris Delgado

Other things that lead to divorce are carelessness, disrespect, familiarity, control and manipulation, loss of first love, unfaithfulness, and many other things that contribute to an affair and possible divorce.  All these things are discussed in detail in my new book, Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage, you will learn how to overcome all these areas and many more.  You will also learn how to grow a powerful marriage and how to heal from a rocky marriage.  You will find tools to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and create a a wonderful atmosphere for the entire family.

This book on marriage comes out on January 3, 2011, by Charisma House.  Don’t miss it.  You need all the help you can get.  Make sure you also share it with your married friends.  My experience of 41 years of marriage and counseling has enabled me to write this bold and instructive book.  I know you will find many useful things in it to put into practice.  You too, can have a wonderful marriage.


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