Is Your Marriage on the Brink of Divorce?

Message from a desperate wife:

Is the Enemy Loose in Your Life?

Iris, I am having overwhelming thoughts I do not love my husband. I know God hates divorce. I know it’s wrong. But the feelings are overwhelming.  My husband is a good man.  He doesn’t deserve this nor do my two beautiful children.  They would never understand or get this because we never fight. Part of the problem is communication.  I’ve always stuffed my feelings. I’m finally learning to speak up now and say what I need. I know feelings are very fickle and cannot be trusted. I know if I give in, the devil will have satisfied his plan. I don’t want to give into these feelings but part of me does, just to have some peace. I know part of this is a spiritual battle. The problem is I believe the devil more than I believe God.  A sad place to be! I bought your book a long time ago, Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage.  I am about to reread it. If there’s one thing I could cling to, one scripture, could you please lead me to it? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

My Answer:

Dear Mary, The fact you’re reaching out to me lets me know that God cares a lot about you and your family. The enemy is waging a tough war against you. A different spirit has slipped in, whether through words spoken to you or by you, or something you’ve allowed into your mind. Please make inventory of the things that started these feelings. If it truly is a lack of communication, then sit down with your husband and start communicating your feelings, without condemning or accusing. Start doing some of the things I recommend in my book on marriage. They really work. And ask Holy Spirit to help you become a loving and caring wife and mother. Please don’t think I’m getting on your case, but many times, to resolve a problem, we must begin with ourselves.  Satan desires to destroy your marriage and your children.  If you allow it, your second situation will be even worse than the first. Believe me – Satan has no desire to bless you with a better marriage with someone else.

Why does God hate divorce?  

If you look at the scripture in Malachi 2:16, where God says, “I hate divorce” and as you continue reading, you’ll notice that he gives the reason: “because it covers one’s garment with violence.” Divorce releases a curse that is passed down to your children and their children.  Divorce releases violence, cruelty, hatred, unforgiveness, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, revenge, disobedience, shame, inferiority, rejection, condemnation and many, many other negative emotions.  All of this and more affects millions of children of divorce, as well as the affected spouse.

I recently walked into a foreclosed home for sale. When I walked into what once was a child’s room, I was grieved when I began reading all the sensitive writings all over the walls: “You destroyed our lives; you abandoned us, why did you leave? Please come back, what happened to our happy family?  I hate you!”

Mary, please, don’t allow the enemy to blind you. Get help. Find a prayer partner in church who will pray for you (a godly older woman of God).

Whatever you’re doing to instill the desire to divorce, stop doing it!  Find ways of changing your situation with joy and peace. Involve your children. Plan some fun things with your husband. Ask God to forgive and cleanse you of all unclean spirits. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus and ask your husband to pray for you. 

Start admiring – it’s contagious. Your husband will notice. Many times, an undemonstrative and uncommunicative husband may never have had a real loving situation at home. God will give you the wisdom you need to bring him around.  But, take the idea of divorce out of your mind. 

Prayer: Father God, I pray that you will give Mary and her husband wisdom to see how the enemy seeks to destroy their family. Give them the strength to stand firm and understanding to make wise decisions. Embrace them in your love. Open their spiritual eyes and draw them closer to each other.

In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the devil from destroying this home. I release the blessing of God into their lives. Thank you, Father God, for your tender mercies towards this family.  In Jesus’ name, amen!

If you’re reading this blog and your marriage is slowly winding down the wrong path, please take this advice personally.  Do a personal inventory of your heart and the thoughts that flow in and out of your mind. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life,” Prov. 4:23.

The spirit of lust has invaded our atmosphere like a ferocious unbridled tsunami.  It is very difficult not to be confronted by this spirit on a daily basis; either through the airways, the media, the entertainment industry, the billboards, the fashion industry, or the internet porn sites readily available to young and old. 

We all have to make a decision, whether we are married or single. God created us to be worshippers. Everyone worships, whether the true Living God, or other gods.  When we worship God every day with our prayers, songs, and declarations, we open our heart to receive peace, healing, and divine direction. 

To stop the spirit of lust from invading our soul, we must repair the damaged walls and set up a security system.  We must refuse accepting poison into our mind.  It won’t be enough to read good books, ask for prayer, and do a daily devotional.   There has to be a real commitment of closing every door of the heart and window of the eyes to the things that bring lustful temptation, whether it is with a real or imaginary person, or thing. 

Temptation will crawl all over the person who is harboring sin in their soul.  When the soul is surrendered to Christ and the mind is renewed by the Word, the spirit of temptation will not be a problem. 

If your marriage needs help, don’t wait.  Do something about it immediately.  I recommend you do the following three things:

1)   Repent.

2)   Submit to God.

3)   Forgive.

Say the following three things to your spouse:

1)   I’m sorry.

2)   I love you.

3)   Let’s forget about the past and let’s begin a new page, with God’s help.

I also recommend my books. They are full of experience, sound advice, and tested ideas and counsel that will build up your inner man and help you in your married and personal life. 

Don’t give up on your marriage.  Trust God. 

By Dr. Iris Delgado

Author: Satan, You Can’t Have My Children; Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage; Satan, You Can’t Have my Miracle; Satan, You Can’t Have My Promises; Satan, You Can’t Have My Family; Destroy The Works of the Enemy.



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