There’s a Great Need to Express Genuine Love in Marriage

            Without the genuine God kind of love, today’s marriages are at extreme risk.  Genuine love means an open, honest, sincere, unaffected, candid, pure, real, and unpretentious kind of love. Christ Jesus models this kind of love for us. The love of Jesus in us is the superglue that keeps a marriage together and satisfied.

Dios quiere sanar tu matrimonio

            Solomon expresses his enraptured feelings about the mystery of love in the Song of Solomon. We should read some of these passages slowly and think about the intentions of God when He created us with deep desires to love and be loved. Sometimes I think about this and realize how shallow our expressions of love are toward our mates. We think that by saying, “I love you, honey,” we cover all the meaning of true love. Solomon uses romantic expressions that leave us lacking in expression.


                        Ah, I hear my lover coming!

                                    he is leaping over the mountains,

                                    bounding over the hills.

                        My lover is like a swift gazelle

                                    or a young stag.

                        Look, there he is behind the wall,

                                    looking through the window,

                                    peering into the room.

                        My lover said to me,

                                    “Rise up, my darling!

                                    Come away with me, my fair one!”

                                                            -Song of Solomon 3:8-10, NLT


            You may say, “Oh, this is poetry at its best.” I truly believe the language of love is poetic – we just don’t take the time to practice and come up with some genuine, original phrases that will knock our socks off. As I write this, I just tried a different phrase on my husband: “I love you, my handsome lover; I’m going to take you for a spin.”     

            His eyes got big as saucers, and he gave me a big old grin and said, “I’m ready! Where are we going?” This is one way of awakening a boring relationship.

            Today’s married couples, especially the younger ones, are so wrapped up in their jobs and the world of social networking and media entertainment that little time or patience is left to nurture the relationship, and even less to spend quality time with children.           

            I was immensely glad to see my daughter’s post advising other couples on Facebook on her recent fourteenth wedding anniversary: “Today I celebrate a fourteen-year anniversary with my honey.  Don’t give up on your relationships. Remember the ‘crazy in love’ feelings you started out with, and do whatever it takes to keep them or ask God to help you get them back. God is our glue. It’s all worth it!”        

            Now that’s awesome advice for any couple at any stage of their marriage. Without demonstrative love in a marriage, life is like a cold overcast day. Love is affection, tenderness, desire, intimacy, kindness, enthusiasm, and so much more. Today’s marriages are faced with tremendous opposition of evil forces. But always remember, that if you belong to God, you have a supernatural covering and awesome spiritual power at your disposal. If you’re not there yet, keep reading, and make a decision to work at your marriage. Make it a safe haven for all your passions and marital needs. Put God first in your life, and all good things will be added unto you (Luke 12:31).


Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage, Pgs. 9-10. By Dr. Iris Delgado.

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