Declarations That Will Break the Oppression of the Enemy From You and Your Family

How to Break a Negative Legacy and Begin a New Legacy of God’s Promises – Part 2

 Break a Negative Legacy


Deep-rooted changes are necessary to stop the enemy from robbing your blessings and promises.

…If you’re a believer in Christ, you have at your disposal wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from God’s Word. A Christian cannot function and have peace of mind without these attributes being part of his or her daily life. A daily portion of Scripture and prayer must become a habitual practice. Spiritual nourishment is just as important as our food and water.

…You cannot remain dormant and inactive. You must learn that remaining under God’s protection and serving the Lord Jesus is the ultimate and most prestigious privilege a human being will ever have. As you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and confess your sins and feed on God’s Holy Word, you will grow stronger, healthier, and more confident each day. As you grow, you will notice that the problems of life will be something God will help you overcome. The Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and understanding to make wise decisions, even in the most difficult and impossible situations. What seemed humanly impossible will now become possible.

Real change begins in the mind and with a confession from the mouth. You must be willing to surrender and allow God to begin a new work in your heart. Then you must boldly declare your allegiance to the Lord Jesus and His Word. Action is necessary for change to begin.

Satan, you can’t have my mind. I am sold out to God almighty. Satan, you can’t have my family or my life! We belong to the kingdom of God. Satan, you can’t have my miracle! I command you to release everything you have stolen from me, in the name of Jesus Christ! I claim all of God’s promises as a joint heir with Christ Jesus. Amen!


The following are declarations that will break the oppression of the enemy from you and your family. Make powerful and radical declarations. Start right now.

·        Confess your weaknesses and inabilities to the Lord.

·        Make a declaration that you refuse to continue living in defeat.

·        Declare that you have the mind of Christ and were created to live in peace and victory and to abound and multiply in everything God created you to enjoy and accomplish.

·        Declare that your family belongs to God.

·        Declare that your life belongs to God and you no longer own yourself.

·        Declare that God has your best interests in mind. He will bless you with every spiritual and material blessing.


The next step after you have decided to make some deep-rooted changes is to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to your heart the specific actions you should take to better your situation. It may mean you have to forgive and apologize. Release something. Sell something. Give something away. Love more. Stop doing something. Break a bad habit. Release good words out of your mouth. Break up a relationship. Start doing something different with your children you haven’t done in a long time. Start loving your spouse with all your heart. Start praying differently. Start getting focused and stop wasting so much time…you get the picture! Radical changes! 

God will restore your life and everything the enemy has stolen from you. But you must take the first step to make some very important, specific, and significant changes that will touch the heart of God and stop the hand of the enemy!


Satan, You Can’t Have My Promises, pgs. 61-65.  By Dr. Iris Delgado

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