God’s Blessings are Waiting for You!

In Genesis 26, Isaac saw the famine in the land and he decided to go to Egypt (the land of the enemy) to find food.

But God intervened, assuring him that his blessings did not depend on natural circumstances. Your blessings do not depend on the economy, where you live, or the problems you’re facing today.  God assured Isaac that if he stayed in his land, He would bless him and confirm his covenant with him, because his father, Abraham, had been faithful to God. Isaac had the inheritance of his father Abraham!

Today we have a Heavenly inheritance written in the Word of God! And we are also God’s inheritance.  Today, God promises us that if we remain steadfast and committed to the covenant we have made to serve Him, He will recompense us with eternal life, with miracles, signs, and wonders, and with His inheritance.

 Isaac obeyed God and settled in Gerar = “place of temporary rest.”

 Many of you are going through humiliation, through spiritual hunger, through attacks of the enemy, difficult situations, financial problems, rebellious children, an unstable marriage…

God is telling you today that if you remain faithful and you trust God and His promises, “that temporary place” you find yourself in, will soon turn into a place of restoration of all that the enemy has stolen from you.

Gen. 26:18 says: that Isaac dug again the wells of water that had been dug in the days of Abraham, his father, and which the Philistines (their enemy) had stopped and covered.           

 These covered wells were Isaac’s inheritance. When he reopened them, he began to enjoy the blessings and the miracles of his inheritance.

God wants you to know “There are wells of anointing and blessing that belong to us as an inheritance. But the enemy has them covered. They remain forgotten and dry.

 The Lord is saying to us: “Open the wells of blessing that He has already given to us. What God has promised you in His Word is not lost, covered, or dried out!

            God requires your obedience and your participation!

 God is letting us know: There are anointings and impartations of prophetic words that my people have received from their pastors, chosen men and women of God, that are also your blessings.

 There are hundreds of promises in the Bible that belong to you and your family.

 I too, received several prophetic words during the years: that God had deposited a message in me that would empower and train this generation in this time of depression and crisis – and that it would impact nations, parents, marriages, our young people, and broken people.

 I thought – who me? I’m shy! It’s too difficult! I don’t want to be in front of people…My retirement years are already here…

Years ago, I wrote “Satan you can’t have my children” and it became my own personal message that I shared everywhere I went. I have files full of testimonies from parents of how their children have come back from the enemy’s territory.

But God had greater plans. He wanted the message to go public and to the nations.

God made sure that one of my “homemade books” got into the hands of a Charisma Media editor who needed help with her children.  She prayed the prayers and made the declarations in the book for five months and God redeemed her teenage sons from hell itself.  The rest is history. She submitted the book for evaluation and I was contacted about the rights.

It was God’s timing.  The hidden talent in the covered well was about to be exposed.

Today the book is translated in 8 languages and the message is traveling around the world. The message is restoring families and children. Praise God!

Satan, you can’t have what belongs to me!

You can’t have my talents / my family / my husband/ my wife/ my children / my ministry / my business…

 God has new things for us!

Isaac not only opened his father’s wells, but he found NEW WELLS of spring living water.

 The Lord is telling us: “If we remain alert to His voice and we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, He will give us new strategies to find new resources. (To develop your talents / visions / dreams…)

 These are urgent times that we need to have a close intimacy with Father God.

             We must learn to walk in obedience, meekness, and love – if we want to see the manifestation of God’s Glory in our lives.

           There are too many dry, boring, unhappy marriages. No peace. Bringing up children in the same way.

 We must make healthy investments to light up the fire of faithfulness in our marriages and spark the desire for the fear of the Lord in our children.

            We must spend more time / Listening / telling the Truth / having Healthy Communication/ Changing a bad Habit / Forgiving/ Blessing / Speaking lots of good words to break curses /Praying Powerfully / Expressing Joy…

We must dig out destructive and hidden roots that are killing our families and relationships:

            Criticism / Blame / Nagging / Jealousies / Waste of money / lack of genuine love…

 When the Glory of God is present in our life, there is no poverty, no fear, no doubts, no lack, and no sickness that can stop our destiny and our talents and dreams from becoming a reality.

Right now, we need a prophetic revelation to discern God’s divine plan and to understand what He has prepared for us.

Isaac knew that wherever he went, God was going with him and also His blessings.  Jealousy and criticism of the people did not stop him from opening new wells.

           When we are connected to God, everywhere we go, the blessing of God will follow us!

If the enemy steals something from you – God will give you double!

 Isaac left the “temporary place” and went to Rehoboth, that means “a spacious and large place.” God blessed him enormously in that place.

 Don’t get stuck in negative circumstances. Claim what is legally yours. The Bible is a legal document. God’s promises belong to you!

 Keep going with new plans and strategies. Large and spacious blessings are waiting for you.

This is only for God’s obedient children who do not fear and believe God’s powerful Word.

Jesus says in Matthew 6:33: But seek fist the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you!

 Seek: Set a target, focus, prepare, align…

 God will surprise you with Miracles!

 A miracle is a divine intervention of an impossible situation.

 The demonic giants in your marriage cannot destroy it unless you give them entrance.

 The demonic giants in your life and the lives of your children cannot destroy them, unless you remain passive.

 For the promises of God to be manifested in our lives, our walk, our actions, our thoughts, our words – have to submit and adjust themselves to the Kingdom of God – not the Kingdom of God to our circumstances.

 These are intense times of spiritual warfare. There is urgency. There is crisis, instability. Evil is increasing.

 Our marriages, our children, our young people, are the target of the enemy.

 Satan knows time is short.

 Prepare yourself to see the supernatural power of God poured upon all flesh.

 Luke 8:50 Jesus said: Do not fear. Only believe and it will be….

 Your marriage will be restored.

Your body will be healed.

Your children will come back from the land of the enemy.

Your miracle will manifest.

Your children will be saved.

Your lack will turn into abundance.

The curse of poverty will end.

Your depression will end.

Your barrenness will end…

It will be, it will be, it will be…


  1. Thank you so much Dr. Delgado. God has given you the wisdom to set the
    captives free. I receive freedom from the messages God has given you. Now I am so confident by the scriptures and the love and mercy of God.
    Your messages are God sent to help me believe for deliverance and hope for my family marriage children health everything that God has given me is blessed. Whom God has blessed no man can curse. Satan is a liar and a defeated foe. Yes God is greater, and the greater one lives in me. Thank you so much for your help.

    God Bless you and your Blessed family

    Love you

  2. Hi Dr. Delgado, I believe your books were written just for me. I love them and am growing and walking in the authority that Jesus gave me in His name, His Word and His Blood. Thank you for your Ministry I love the Lord so much He has something for all of His Heirs of Salvation. I love His Word so much it keeps me and delivers me from from every stronghold of he enemy.

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