God’s Promises for Provision

My God shall supply all my needs. He will not hold back any good thing from me as I walk uprightly (Ps. 84:11; Phil. 4:19).


My mouth is satisfied with good things. He satisfies me with bread and water, and I lack no good thing (Ps. 103:5; Joel 2:26; Matt. 6:11).

 Prayer of Protection from the attacks of the enemy

In times of famine He preserves me. All that fear Him will be kept from going hungry and destitute (Job 5:20-21; Ps. 33:19).


I will not worry about lack of clothing, food, or shelter. God has promised to provide all I need—just as He kept His people dressed and fed for forty years in the desert and He arrays the lilies of the field (Deut. 8:4-5; Ps. 23:1; Matt. 6:28).


When I honor God, He gives me the desires of my heart. The Lord commands the blessing upon my seed. God blesses the upright with prosperity and possessions (Deut. 28:8; Prov. 22:4; 28:10; Isa. 65:23).



Satan, You Can’t Have My Promises, Pgs. 87-88. By Dr. Iris Delgado.

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