Never Give Up on Your Children

We must be very careful not to pass judgment upon our children. God is the judge. Our flesh wants to predict and to dictate the verdict. We must be moved by faith in God’s Word and not by our feelings and emotions.

If you could do Parenting all over again, what would you do differently? by Dr. Iris Delgado

            Parents must learn to do as many things as they possibly can to encourage their children into becoming what God intended them to become. This includes:


·        Love them unconditionally

·        Pray and intercede on their behalf

·        Engage in spiritual warfare against demonic forces coming against them

·        Be a reflection of God’s mercy and compassion

·        Create a peaceful environment at home

·        Be a peacemaker

·        Treat your children with as much respect as you would give to a guest

·        Administer reasonable punishment, as required

·        Keep your word and promises

·        Apologize when you have wronged them

·        Control your temper and temper tantrums

·        Never scream or yell

·        Don’t do or say anything that you do not want your children to imitate.


            It is important for children to know that their parents are taking a stand, in order to please the Lord in all things. Children need to know that their parents love them and that they are praying for them. It is important to leave the past behind and to create a positive future. God is able to heal any hurt, no matter how devastating the wounds, or how deep the scars.


Satan, You Can’t Have My Children, pgs. 78-80. By Dr. Iris Delgado.

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