Prophetic Word: Seek My Face My People!

42-16482893November 7, 2012:  Seek My Face my people!  You’re a remnant chosen by Me because of your obedience, and who has endured in the midst of a perverse generation, inclined towards their own innate desires.  Don’t dismay in the face of chaos and uncertainty.  I have a plan and a purpose.  Don’t get distracted by the boisterous determination and empty promises of the governments and dictatorships of the nations.

Protect your family. Get closer to each other.  Seek my face together.  Put aside differences and selfish agendas. Seek me early and be sincere.  Learn to trust me with all your heart.

My people whom I’ve called by my Name are distracted – looking at the handouts of men.  They have forgotten to walk in faith and trust me for their provision and their victories.  I’ve had to remove my hand of protection and allow their enemies to ransack their livelihood.

The world is teetering on the verge of an economic and moral collaspse.  I’ve warned my people through my prophets but they have desisted Me and turned a deaf ear.  In this election, you have noticed how the nation is divided.  But in reality, it’s more than divided.  More than half of those who voted for moral issues are themselves immoral and double-minded.  They seek change for their own good.  An enormous amount of ‘Christian believers’ have allowed deception to invade their hearts.  My eyes are looking at all the ‘lukewarm hearts’ seeking me to relieve their discomforts but not because they truly love me and desire to walk in righteousness.  How can I bless them?  I cannot!

The days are upon us of greater calamities and wars.  My people, do not dismay.  I am with you to succor and lift you up.  The fire won’t burn you and the waters won’t drown you.  You’ll always have more than enough.  I need you to be a light in the darkness.  Stay vigilant.  Stay pure.  Stay humble.  Be bold.  Walk in My authority.  Don’t be negative.  Speak forth my Word.  Follow my counsel in Ephesians 5.  Rejoice always!

The harvest of souls is coming and will break all the nets!  Be ready!  Wash yourself clean every day.  Above all, watch over your words and thoughts.  LOVE your family and your neighbor.  Isaiah 4:10…I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you;

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