Goals and Boundaries Cause Your Lines to Fall in Pleasant Places

Goals and Boundaries Cause Your Lines to Fall in Pleasant Places by Dr. Iris DelgadoPsalm 16:5-6 Amp “The Lord is my chosen and assigned portion, my cup; You hold and maintain my lot.  The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good heritage.”

When a person sets and keeps a goal and protects his boundaries, he will be able to say like the psalmist: “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.”

Goals are important because they give direction and supervision.

It is important to set goals and to aim at your target.  If you decide to become financially free, then set goals to make investments, save money, be frugal, and only buy what is necessary.  Children also need to set goals.  A couple needs to set goals.  The purchase of a home requires goal setting and planning ahead.

A person without clear goals and aspirations will always find many stumbling blocks along the way that will detain him from ever having anything worthy.  Boundaries are necessary in everyone’s life.  Without them, we would have no reins.  Everyone would be out of control and doing their own thing.  Boundaries keep a person under control.  They also keep a man from falling into temptation.

When you set a limit on spending, you are putting in place a boundary that will keep you out of debt.  When you restrict your intake of food, you are setting in place a boundary that will keep you from getting overweight.  When you place a border of prayer and protection around your family and everything that pertains to you, you are placing a boundary that limits the intrusion of the enemy.

The moment you draw a line and say “I am determined to serve God with all my heart, mind, and soul”  you will notice the strength of God come upon you and the blessings of the Lord will follow you.  That word “follow” is an action word.  It means to pursue, chase, track you down, and go after you.  Setting goals and boundaries will determine how much you will accomplish in life.  It will also determine the quality of life you will enjoy.

Our young men and women need to learn that God is a God of  love but also of rules.  It takes discipline and self-control to serve God with all your heart.  2 Tim. 17

Overstepping boundaries begins in childhood.  The moment a mother tells her child “no” and he does it anyway, and gets away with it, he has overstepped a boundary.  The next time mom says “no” again, the child knows he can get away with it.  And so it is in the life of a grown man and woman.  Once he transgresses and violates one of God’s laws, he is walking in disobedience and is open for chastisement from God.

If you have never set a goal before, begin this week and pact with the Holy Spirit of God to follow through.  Set a simple goal, such as “I will not complain or criticize anyone for 30 days.”  Wait and see how good that feels and how it pleases God.

In fact, if you have a child in grade school, talk him into setting a goal such as “if you memorize Psalm 23, I will give you $10.00.”  My wife did this with our nine year old grandson, and he memorized the psalm the same day.  Of course she had to practice the memorization with him.  But it worked.  Today she sets goals for him of reading books for $15.00 which goes into his savings account.  These savings will produce another goal: making an investment in the stock market.  How creative can you get?

(Excerpt from Dr. John Delgado’s book: Men of Impact in the Midst of Crisis)

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