Freedom from Guilt and Shame

Freedom from Guilt and ShameGuilt and Shame will keep many people from enjoying good relationships.  Guilt says, “I’ve done something wrong, it’s my fault…”  Shame says, “I’m not good, I’ve failed, I’m bad, I’m worthless…”

Some of the causes of shame could be abuse and violation, sexual sins, humiliation, mental abuse, prostitution, participation in immoral or illegal acts, etc.   Shame assaults the person’s identity.

It is Satan’s intention to keep tormenting a person about their past.

To be set free, a person must renounce the sin  and the offense, and allow the Spirit of God to change their way of thinking.

If you feel unloved, unworthy, like a failure, God is waiting to restore you completely.  You must not only renounce the past, but resist the enemy by standing strong in faith.

The Word of God says that once you become a child of God, you are redeemed from every curse, from your past, and you are forgiven, restored, made whole, washed by the Blood of Jesus, and made clean as snow.

You are no longer a loser, an idiot, fat, a moron, stupid, or no good.  God sees you precious, clean, and able to get up and enjoy the fullness of life in Christ.

You must now see yourself differently, speak differently and act differently.  You must practice until you know that you know you are free and never have to go back or look back at your past.

God has plans to prosper you and deliver you from all the attacks of the enemy.

You must quit talking about your past and your failures.  Once you’re free, you gain a new position in Christ.  The TRUTH of God’s Word will set you free.  But it will be the “truth” that you learn and put into action.  Truth is a person, “Jesus Christ.”

Learn to dismiss the lies that will come into your mind.  You defeat the enemy by speaking truth – speaking the Word, not by shouting, praying a lot, or becoming legalistic or a religious nut.  No, you read the Bible and seek out a prayer devotional, write down scriptures that minister to your need, and confess and declare those scriptures, until you learn to trust and confide in God’s Word.  The truth in the Word of God will continually cleanse you until you feel totally set free from guilt, shame, abuse, torment, or whatever it is the enemy has burdened you with.

Feeling unworthy produces hopelessness and fear.  Some people become a ‘people pleaser’ in an attempt to earn what they need and when people don’t respond in a loving and accepting way, the person assumes it is because there is something wrong with them.

Through the process of renewing the mind, the person will discover the truth.  As this process continues the person will be able to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit from the voice of the enemy.  It is a knowing in the heart that you’re on the right track.  The Word is the voice of the Spirit of God.

No one is perfect.  We all have something to be cleansed from.  Don’t wait until you become a basket case.  Start now to regain your freedom and be set free of all things that keep you in bondage.

Romans 8:33-34. We have been justified by God, approved and accepted by Him.

PRAYER: “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce believing any lies concerning my true identity and destiny.  I proclaim that nothing I have ever done, or that has ever been done to me, defines who I am, or assures that my past will always control me.  I command all these things to leave every part of my life and being and go where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them.  I proclaim the victory given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am created in the image of God in Christ Jesus, who gave His life for me.  I am a child of light and I overcome because the power of God is greater than the power of the enemy.  Amen.



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