Our Earthly Father Vs. Our Heavenly Father


Our Earthly Father Vs. Our Heavenly Father by Dr. Iris Delgado“A demonic entity took over my father, and he insisted that I was the one who made the hole [on the wall]. A our discussion ensued back and forth – I was defending myself and my father was aggressively demanding that I confess the truth. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, he squared his shoulders, hissed a command under his breath, and said, ‘Just tell me you did it, and I’ll make a covenant promise to you that I won’t ever hurt you. Please, even if you didn’t, just say you did!’

In total exasperation I agreed with him, and heard myself utter the words, ‘OK, Dad, to please you, and because you’ve made a covenant promise, I DID IT!’ Next thing I knew, my father pounced on top of me and beat the daylights out of my body with a thick leather belt hinged to a large brass buckle. The bruises were so marked that I was unable to attend school for several days. I never again trusted his words, and that cruel experience forever sealed my distrust toward my father.

Most Christians accept the teaching that they are heirs with Christ Jesus, but they have no concept of the covenant God made to His people of a vast inheritance reserved for them in heaven or of the great and precious promises we can enjoy right here on earth.

Our right to this treasure of promises is not based on anything we have done but on the fact that we now belong to Christ. We are justified by His grace. God the Father has begotten us and made us heirs with Christ Jesus, promising us exceedingly great promises.

Our heavenly Father is not like our earthly father. What Father God promises, He accomplishes, for he is a holy God (Hebrews 6:17-18).”

Excerpt from “Satan, You Can’t Have My Promises” by Dr. Iris Delgado, 2013 Copyrighted Material


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