The Miracle of Soul Transformation

“An encounter with the transforming power of Christ is powerful and spectacular, healing the soul of man, leaving behind a sweet aroma and going forward to a clean new start.

If you have a load of clothes to wash, you simply put them in the washer, add the detergent, set the dial, and let it wash till it’s done. You don’t spread the clothes out, investigate every little stitch, stain and button, and then try to decide if they will shrink or fade. No, you have an assurance that the washer will clean your clothes without tearing them apart or discoloring them.

We can trust God, who created us in His image, because He can set us free without tearing us apart or making us suffer the pain from the past all over again in order to help us recover.” Satan you Can’t Have my Miracle, pg 8.

I love this passage. The simplicity of a household chore is used to convey a fundamental spiritual truth. It’s how Jesus taught His disciples. Too often we search for a more complicated solution to our very complicated dilemma … but Jesus taught us simplicity. If we submit ourselves obediently to the ministration of the Holy Spirit, even if it’s the heavily soiled, hot water wash with a double rinse cycle, our soul will come out of it blessed, renewed, and healed.royalty-free-sunflowers

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