Radical Changes are Necessary When Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

Radical Changes are Necessary When Everything Seems to be Going WrongWhen something goes wrong with one of your children…  When your marriage seems unstable or just dangling by a thread…  When you feel oppressed, depressed, stressed, or just plain unhappy…  It’s time for change!

How long do we wait to make a valuable and life transforming change?  Do we wait and procrastinate and play the blame game until change becomes an uphill, almost unmanageable situation.  If you’re a believer in Christ, you have at your disposal, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  A Christian cannot function and have peace of mind without these attributes being part of their daily life.

When the enemy arises and touches your life with strife, poverty, sickness, contentions, temptations, and so many other things that invade humanity, a son and daughter of God has the capacity to stand and resist the enemy.  If you don’t then Satan will have the upper hand.  You will never have victory in your life until you make a decision to trust God, believe His Word, and serve Him with all your heart.  Those that remain steadfast, under the covering of the Almighty, shall renew their strength and their youth, as God renews the strength and the youth of the eagles.  Life is no joke.  There is only good and evil.  God and Satan.  Light and darkness.  We choose our path each day.  We choose the outcome of our life with every action we take.

If you have a rebellious or despondent child, warfare prayer will be necessary to help that child come out of the enemy’s grasp.

If you have a troubled marriage, radical change and warfare prayer will be necessary to rescue your marriage.

If you’re in depression, confused, and frustrated with your life, you need to make some radical changes.

God works through His Spirit to our spirit.  There has to be a spiritual connection.  God just doesn’t take over and fix our problems.  He works through us, through our mind, heart, and spirit.  We must understand the spiritual battle we are in every moment of the day.  Our battle is not against flesh and blood (our family member, our boss, our friends, etc.)  Our battle is against Satan and his entire kingdom of well organized spirit workers.  God also has a super well organized Kingdom of Heaven, equipped with legions of mighty warrior angels, ready to help us at our beckoning call.

We cannot remain ignorant.  We must learn that remaining under God’s protection and serving the Lord Jesus, is the greatest privilege a human being will ever have.  As we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth and we confess our sins, and feed on God’s Holy Word, we will grow stronger each day.  As you grow, you will notice that the problems of life will be something God will help you overcome.  The Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and understanding to make wise decisions.  What seemed impossible will now become possible.

Radical changes begin in the mind and with a confession from your mouth.  You must confess all the junk to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then you must declare God’s Word.  “Satan, you can’t have my mind.  I am sold out to God Almighty.  Satan you can’t have my family.  They belong to Father God.  Satan you can’t have my possessions.  I command you to release everything you have stolen from me!  In the name of Jesus!”

Now these are powerful and radical declarations.  Start right now.  Confess your sins and inabilities to the Lord.  Declare that you will not continue living in defeat.  Declare that you have the mind of Christ and were created to live in peace and victory and to abound and multiply in everything you set your mind and hand to do.  Declare that your family belongs to God.  Declare that your life belongs to God and you no longer own yourself.  Declare that God has your best interests in mind.  He will bless you with every spiritual and material blessing.

Now that you have decided to make some radical changes, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what specific changes you should make to better your situation.  Does it mean you may have to forgive and apologize?  Release something? Sell something? Give something away? Love more? Stop doing something? Break a bad habit? Release good words out of your mouth? Break up a relationship?  Start doing something different with your children you haven’t done in a long time?  Start loving your spouse with all your heart?  Start praying differently?  You get the picture?  Radical changes!

God will restore your life and everything the enemy has stolen from you.  But you must take the first step to make some very radical changes that will touch the heart of God and stop the hand of the enemy!

God grant you the strength to go forth with Him!  Dig that Bible out of the dust.  Get your knees down in prayer.  Your rewards and treasures are stacked up in a storage place.  Time to enjoy!

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  1. You are so right. Radical changes are needed. I have been fasting for a few days asking for help.
    My spirit is no longer heavy. My burdens are no longer. Jesus will see me through my rough times.
    My finace’ has been something to deal with at times which made me act a certain way but God has
    all power. I prayed that he heal me so I would not hurt about our break up. There are no words that
    can describe my feelings right now. No sadness just clarity. it is HIS WILL. I paid for a divorce two
    years ago that did not happen. Was that a sign from Jesus not to marry this double minded man?
    God knows all things. Lean not unto your own understanding. Grace and mercy have been given to me.

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