Powerful Prayers To Be Set Free

Powerful Prayers To Be Set FreeAuthor: Dr. Iris Delgado

Quote by Oswald Chambers:  “Prayer doesn’t equip us for greater works; Prayer is the greater work!”

1.  Ask God to forgive you of all your sins and offenses and everything you know does not please Him.  Forgive those who have hurt you and offended you and ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome the offenses and the abuse.  Ask Go to forgive you for things you’ve done that you feel ashamed or guilty of doing.  Ask God to forgive you of all your iniquities of the past.  This step is crucial.  You can’t go by feelings here.  Simply say with all your heart, “Father, I forgive so-and-so and I release them from the hurt and damage they have caused me.”  I ask your forgiveness for so-and-so that I did or said and feel condemned about it.  Cleanse my heart and my mind.  I desire to serve you with all my heart.

2.   Begin this prayer time by saying:  “I bind all anxiety, worry, stress, doubt, unbelief, impatience, and fear.  I loose God’s Peace, Love, Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding into my life.  I declare that I have a sound mind; that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

3.   Now enter into God’s presence with Thanksgiving. Thank Him for everything you can think of.

4.   Praise Him.  Sing a Psalm or a song.

5.   Declare, “Dear God, I belong to You.  I thank you Father for this privilege.  I declare that you are the only True Living God – the Most High God!  Today I reverence You and acknowledge that without You I cannot survive.  I need you.  I love you.  You are worthy to be exalted, worshipped, and adored.  I magnify you Father.  I declare that Jesus, your only begotten Son, is the Savior, is Lord, is King, and He is coming again.  I declare that the resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me and has set me free from darkness, sin, iniquities, death, sickness and disease.  I declare that Christ sits on the throne interceding for me and my family and all of God’s children, with continuous prayers.  I declare that the Blood of Jesus cleanses me and protects me.  I apply the Blood of Jesus to my thoughts, my heart, my body and my family.

I acknowledge you Holy Spirit, as my guide, my teacher, my friend, my advocate, my defender, and my support.  This day, I declare that nothing is impossible for you my God and my Abba Father.  I declare that all things concerning me are in your hands and in your time.

Thank you for wisdom, energy, vitality, discernment, resources, divine health, a smile, joy, comprehension, listening and communication skills, compassion, mercy, a kind word, and a loving word for all those who come to me for help.

Place a muzzle in my mouth – not to say anything outside of your wisdom.  Open my mouth with your wisdom and understanding and discernment, so that the person I speak to will be set free, transformed and enlightened and directed towards freedom and victory in Christ.

Continue praying stating your petitions, needs, and wants.  Be specific.  Don’t just quote and ramble repetitious, habitual, memorized prayers.  Don’t just pray for shelter, a job, a car, and food.  God knows you need these things and He has promised to provide them.

Pray for kindness, mercy, creative ideas, power to come against the attacks of the devil, power to pray for the sick and see them healed.  Pray for boldness to speak God’s Word and put it into action.  Pray for a sound mind.  Pray for ability to make good investments and have understanding of God’s Word.

Pray fervently and with passion to invade and destroy the darkness in the life of a loved one. Pray for wisdom to make wise decisions.  Pray that God will enlarge your tent (everything that concerns you).  Pray to break the bondage of poverty.  Pray to release yourself from curses and negative family attachments.  Pray for others.

Your powerful prayers will break yokes (bad habits, oppression, depression, burdens, bondage, repression, addictions, etc.)

My Counsel:

Don’t limit God.  Don’t put Him in a box.  Don’t ask Him for a little bit.  Ask Him for a lot – for His promises.  Nothing is impossible for Him.  Take responsibility.  Be Obedient to God’s Word.  Do not stay passive.  Fill your heart with good things and out of your mouth will come good things, good words, sound counsel, good ideas.    What you put in will come out.  Read the Bible every day and ask the Holy Spirit for understanding.

What you sow, you will reap. You will never have abundance, unless you are sowing, all the time!  The more you give, the more you will have.  If you have little, check your giving habits.  Sow into good ground.  Give to the poor, to missions, to the needy.  Give your tithe to the storehouse (where you get fed spiritually).   Start with the little you may have and keep increasing.  It’s a law – the law of sowing and reaping.  Like the law of gravity, when it is set into motion, there is no stopping it.   Never underestimate God and all His precious promises to His children.

The Holy Spirit is always watching and listening attentively to see how he can help you and respond to your needs.  But He is only motivated and challenged by God’s Word and your obedience.  The moment you declare God’s Word, as you walk in obedience, the Holy Spirit acts upon His word to perform it!

            Stop being a Victim:  If you have been hurt by someone and are still carrying the pain, hurt, and shame, it is time to put a stop to it.  As long as you insist on dwelling and remembering all the feelings of the pain of abuse, hurt, divorce, trauma, negative words, barrenness, an unkind parent, etc., you will never feel peace and victory in your life.  You must release that thing – it is like a cancer that keeps eating away.  Forgive the person or persons who hurt you.  Release yourself and break the curse of bondage over your life.  Set into motion God’s blessings!  Loose yourself today!  I was there years ago, but today I am free.  It took a specific decision on my part.  Once I said, “I forgive you dad,” I was free.  The chains came off.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get over it!  The best of your life is ahead of you.  Your children and your children’s children will inherit your freedom and God’s promises, and not the curses of abuse and lack.  Praise God!


Father God, Today I set into motion your Covenant promises.

I declare that no weapon formed against me or my family will prosper.

I decree that no evil, sickness, accidents, interruptions, lack, poverty, robberies, fear, sudden death, pestilence, mind attacks, lies, temptations, insatiable desires (ravenous, unappeasable, cravings, addictive desires), etc. will come near my dwelling (body) or affect my life and my loved ones.

I declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

I declare that greater is Christ in me than the enemy in this world.

I declare that the Holy Spirit is guiding and instructing me and my loved ones, in all our ways.

I declare that my spouse is growing in Christ and he/she is full of your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, to be all that you have created him/her to be.  (You can say this for your future husband/wife if you are single – speak it by faith into existence).

I declare that the Word of God is a lamp that shines on my feet and a light that illuminates my path – every step I take.  Prov. 6:23; Ps.27:1

I declare that today I walk in Your fullness, guided by the Holy Spirit, and hedged around and about by the protection of your angelic hosts.  I declare that I have the mind of Christ and today I will make wise decisions and prosperous investments.

Thank you my Lord for supplying everything I need today.  Thank you Holy Spirit for directing my life and teaching me truth.  Keep me from all temptation and procrastination (laziness, putting things off, unfinished business).   I give you all the glory, in Christ name, amen!



  1. Thank you for sharing your vision for our lives in Christ. You have changed my life, my prayer life, and in turn, my family’s lives.

  2. Thank you Jesus for such a powerful prayer I believe in faith that what I pray for will come through as I excise faith as a mustard seed believing in my Jesus.

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