Deliverance from Evil

Deliverance from Evil by Dr. Iris DelgadoWhy is it so vital to speak of the subject of deliverance when perhaps we should just focus on the miraculous power of God? “Because Satan also works miracles to keep enslaving people into his kingdom. And because many Christians are still suffering attacks from the enemy, and they have no idea how to set themselves free. Our Western theology makes little room for the study of deliverance from evil. Many people don’t want to mess with anything that has to do with demonism. Ignorance keeps people suffering. To become free, action, knowledge, and faith are necessary.

God instructed His people to keep His Words (teachings, principles, guidelines, instructions, laws, and decrees) and to study, read, and apply them until they penetrate deep into their heart and soul. We must enthrone God in our hearts and homes. We must learn all about the kingdom of heaven and teach these principles to our children. If we don’t, they’ll grow up and become attracted to the kingdom of Satan with all its mysterious trappings and demonic allurements.”

Excerpt from “Satan, You Can’t Have My Miracle” by Dr. Iris Delgado, 2013, Copyrighted Material

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