How to Reverse Curses in Your Life

How to Reverse Curses in Your Life by Dr. Iris Delgado

“The Greek word for spoil in this scripture [Mark 3:27] is diaparzo, which means ‘to plunder, seize or snatch away.’ The Greek word for ‘house’ is oikos, meaning ‘dwelling place.’ To reverse the curse, you must learn how to spoil the house of the demon(s) involved in the curse. Satan may think that your house, your mate, your children, and your substance belong to him, and he may threaten to steal, kill, and destroy what is legally yours, but God has made provision for your deliverance from the destruction of the enemy.

After many years of practicing spiritual warfare, I know that I cannot simply bind the work of the enemy and guarantee total victory. You must totally ‘spoil’ his house, for he’s always looking for a way back in, especially when a person lets his or her guard down in an area of weakness.”

Excerpt from “Satan, You Can’t Have My Miracle” by Dr. Iris Delgado, 2013, Copyrighted Material

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