Testimonials on Satan You Can't Have My ChildrenI’d love to get your feedback on how you’ve been helped and encouraged through my teachings, conferences and seminars. Please add your testimonial below. Thank you!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for being obedient and writing this book. I was at Barnes & Nobles when I was passing by a table with a lot of new books. The lord spoke to me and said look down and I saw your book “Satan, You Can’t Have My Children”. The principles you list are great. This book confirmed what God has been leading me to do for years and they do work. We are definitely in a spiritual warfare, and we have access powerful weapons to defeat the attacks of the devil. I love how you list all the scriptures, it makes easier to stand on the word. I will definitely be sharing this book with others. Thanks again and may God’s favor and blesses be with you all the days of your life! Thanks,

  2. I saw the book, ” Satan you can’t have my children” at walmart and what I know was the Lord speaking to me, I had to purchase it. I just finished it tonight (1-11-12) and I am very relieved to have found it. It has given me alot of powerful prayers that I needed for my family and myself. I even made a comment to another woman who was struggling with her 14 yr old son to buy the book. I pray she gets the comment and then the book. (Comment made on wave 3 tv website). I had to go buy the book “Satan you can’t have my marriage” as well. I hope and pray it helps me as much as the 1st one I read. God only knows how bad I needed them both. With all my gratitude and thanks. I love you for sharing this knowledge with us all. God bless you and yours forever and an eternity.

  3. My wife bought the your book cause I couldn’t put it down. I needed to read your book
    Your book was bought at the Military Base in Florida. It was in the most approbiate place, cause we christians are at war with the Worst Terrorist that ever existed. That is why we must call all Prayer Warriors to unite under one flag as Citizens Of The Kingdom, to wage war to save our families. All those who are signing under ,Sons of Jesus , please let me know how we can begin having Freedom Fighters of Christ through-out to put a halt against this Terror demon. Write to bonetjoseph@yahoo.com Citizens of the Kingdom United, Bless you all my fellow soldiers in Christ

  4. Your Book Satan You Cant Have My Children has encouraged me very much. I keep going back to it every day for scriptures . My 23 year old son is an addict and I am struggling very much every day with fear. I wish I could meet you in person for more advise on how and what to do with an addict if they get help where do you go from there?. This book restores faith and gives me hope. I am forever grateful to your family for sharing this with us. I will stand on this and believe that my son will be healed and come back to us.

    Thank you Claudia num1ita1 @AOL.com

  5. Buenas tardes Dra Iris vivo en nicaragua acabo de leer su libro Satanas mi matrimonio no es tuyo, esta muy bueno queria hacerle una consulta en la parte de saque las raices destructivas pagina 42 usted pone su direccion de la pagina wep paara hacer click en oraciones poderosas, yo entre y no sale nada me podria ayudar , saludes y muchas bendiciones para usted y su familia

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