I received an email today from a young married women who is fearful and needs prayer to overcome her great temptation of committing adultery.  She said she’s ‘on the verge.’

She’s not the only one.  Many young couples are battling with temptation and the spirit of lust facing them from the moment they wake up.

Let us look at some of the possible reasons for this out of control behavior in so many married couples today.  I must also say that it’s not only married couples – young single people and single parents are facing the same temptations.

I was reared in a divided home.  Mom was a Christian praying woman and dad was a rebellious and abusive father.  I learned very early not to trust men.  God was faithful to my mom’s prayers and I ended up marrying a wonderful Christian young man.  Today, I enjoy life together with my beautiful family.  Which brings me to this subject – what have I learned during my counseling sessions with different couples and divorcees?

I believe the feminist movement had a lot to do with the brainwashing that so many young women in the 60’s received and imitated from the new wave of radical feminism and everything that it represented, tore down, disregarded, and confronted.  As a result, generations of young women ended  in divorce, committed abortions, left their homes and families to seek work, abandoned their God-established roles of a virtuous woman, and many children were labeled, latch-key children, left alone at home after school until mom came home.  This is just a little bit of the tremendous changes that began to take place and which disrupted and reinvented the home life, as we knew it.

Today, we can see the negative results of that feminist revolt that took place in the 60’s, though most won’t admit it and you may not agree with me.  Are women happier and better off today?  Why are there so many single moms struggling to make it on their own with one or more children?  Why are prisons and jails filled with so many young men and women?  Why are clinics and hospitals filled with depressed women being prescribed medications to calm their nerves, sleep, and be able to work?  Why is divorce now considered an epidemic?  Why are men seeking porn to relieve their sex drives?  Why has marriage been redefined and State by State are signing laws in agreement?  Why is the lesbian and homosexual community growing in leaps and bounds?   Why is this nation getting so unhealthy, both physically and spiritually?  I could probably fill page after page of information as to why we are in the sad and devastating condition we are in.

I believe Satan is having a hay-day party time, enjoying all the recruits he has amassed through his devilish tactics, temptations, and lies.  The situation won’t get better.  In fact it’s getting worse.  Unless we turn to God and seek His help and turn from the things of this world, the road will only continue to lead people to despair, suicide, poverty, sicknesses, famine, and hopelessness.

Have you noticed how our children get so bored easily with the things that are important and meaningful.  Videos, TV, games, movies and hi-tech phones and computer sites  are so out of this world imaginative, occultist, spell-bound, dramatical, and gratifying to the senses, that they now find it tough to concentrate without all the fierce entertainment.

Just as quick as a young lovely couple falls in love and gets married, when the first argument takes place and the money is not enough to satisfy every whim, it becomes just as quick to say, “Hey, I wasn’t expecting this to happen.  I can’t take this anymore.”

Life under God’s blessing is different.  It’s a different economy, a different lifestyle, a different set of values, and an understanding of what lies ahead after death.  Life is short, like a vapor.  Here today, and gone tomorrow.  Living under God’s blessing is much easier than living under the rule of the world.  Children are happier.  Marriage can become very stable.  There is peace in the inner man.  There is contentment with little or with much.

We must decide to live under the kingdom of God’s blessing and say no to he quick fix and fast pace of life in the kingdom of darkness.

If this is new to you, please read some of my books, available in the store in this website.  You won’t regret it.  Life is very good under the blessing of Father God.  I promise.

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