Heavenly Father, today I need your wisdom and understanding. Forgive me of everything that detains my freedom in Christ and from walking in Your promises.
Cleanse my mind and my heart of all wrong teachings and false doctrines –
Please forgive me of every word I have spoken in ignorance that has caused a curse to come into my family.
Forgive me of all ungodly thoughts and evil desires. Of all unequal soul ties in my life. Of all ungodly, immoral and perverse acts against my body;
Of all evil spirits and curses transferred through the blood of my parents, grandparents and ancestors.
Of all unclean spirits and spirits of rejection;
Of all inherited sickness and disease in the bloodline of my parents, grandparents and ancestors.
Father God, please forgive me and set me free from the curse of poverty and want, from ignorance, and from guilt and condemnation.
Set me free from the spirit of death and abortions;
Deliver me from all curses rooted in acts of witchcraft and secret vows in my family line.
Today I surrender myself totally to you and I consecrate myself to serve You and to be obedient and dedicated to Your Word.
Transform my heart and my mind. Help me to be faithful and dedicated to my family.
 Thank you for setting me free! In Jesus Holy Name, Amen

 Author: Iris Delgado (copyright)

You may download copy for personal use.

  1. Just learning how to pray about generational curses! Didn’t even know to pray these kind of prayers! That you so much! Have many of your books and am really learning how to stand up against the enemy for my family and myself! Praise the Lord! My grandson was having nightmares and I told his dad to play praise and worship music on low in his sons’ room as the evil spirits cannot stay where there is praise and worship music. Wow! What a weapon that is! Hope all is well with you and your family! Your in my prayers! May the peace and joy of our Lord be upon you!

  2. Satan has used curses on our family for generations. I made a decision in my 20’s that IT STOPS WITH ME. I LOVE being alive in this time and watching what the Lord has accelerated in the ministry and the intensity is felt.

    Thanks to JESUS I found your little book” Satan you CANT HAVE MY CHILDREN in a grocery market. I have always listened when nudged even when circumstances are screaming….dont spend money on a book, you gotta use it later. BUT, I can honestly tell you I’ve NEVER been sorry when I invested in GODS Word.

    This is one powerful tool among others that has taught me to be a warrior in prayer. I cant pray enough! That little book is with me and my bible EVERYWHERE I go. Thanks eternally grateful.

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